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If you’re done with the Struggle, Fear, and Overwhelm that seems to come over you every time you think about creating videos…  

Then it's time for you to find your inner confidence, level up your video creation skills and let your expertise SHINE!

If you want to use video marketing to be able to Grow your Audience, Attract New Leads or Make More Sales  

We have a proven system that can make this very achievable for you in just a few hours per week.  

But only if you focus on the critical actions that actually move the needle and you quit wasting your time on the fluff that may 'feel good', but yields no results.  

This program is for business owners who:

  • want to become more visible online,
  • want to grow their audience of loyal followers / fans,
  • want to position themselves as an authority, 
  • want to attract new leads into their business,
  • want to be able to convert existing leads into sales, 
  • want to leverage our processes & sys&ems, 
  • want to attract new opportunities into your business,
  • want to create an impact on the community you serve  

If that sounds like you...then you are in the right place!


"My confidence in front of the camera blows my own mind now - I can pick up and go live with only 2 minutes notice - and I use that time to go to the loo and nothing else!"  

In her first 2 months since enrolling in VIDx Academy, Maggie Schirmer has seen her YouTube channel grow by more than 2,783 new subscribers! She also now draws a small monthly recurring income from her channel that has allowed her to reinvest into her business by hiring her first PA to assist the growth of her business.  

Maggie Schirmer - Art Maggik  

We Created A SOLUTION That Helps Business Owners FAST TRACK Their Video Marketing SUCCESS!

If you have gone about creating any kind of video before or maybe you're still procrastinating about pulling the trigger...Then you know the pain of psyching yourself up, trying to muster the courage to hit the red record button for the very first time.

And when you finally do, you feel frustrated and overwhelmed that got stage fright, or fumbled over your words...leaving you feeling like you are just way out of your depth!

You may even wonder if the video you spent all those hours creating is even going to be seen by anyone...or even worse, will people even care? 

We experienced that too, so we asked ourselves…  

“How could we better support business owners, as they go through each of the different stages of their VIDx Journey?”  

Not JUST when they are first starting out, but ALL THE WAY through! 

There are so many challenges that we face at different points on our journey, some that may require a specific strategy, the right mindset, particular resources or taking specific actions.  

We have found many business owners are just 'winging it' when it comes to video, hoping for the best, trying to figure it all out along the way...

That lead us to the birth of VIDx Academy... the ultimate TRANSFORMATIONAL video marketing training program that will help you to GROW YOUR BUSINESS with VIDEO!

What's Inside?  

Get The Latest Trainings

Each and every month, our members receive the latest trainings on a wide variety of video marketing topics that will help them to make progress with video. These trainings are tailored to meet our members where they are at on their VIDx Journey.

From platform technologies, to how to execute specific strategies, or to implement processes and systems; these monthly trainings guide you in focusing on differing aspects of video marketing, to not only build your knowledge base, but to actually help move the needle for your business.

Implementation Resources

What good are training materials if you don't know how to implement them into your business effectively? That is exactly why we spend so much time creating additional resources for our members that compliment the monthly trainings, so that they make implementation easier for you.  

Swipe files, templates, checklists, cheatsheets, process maps, diagrams, etc you name it...if it is likely to help our members to implement what they have learnt in our monthly trainings, we will create it for them.

Group Coaching Calls & Hotseats

When it comes to video marketing, it can be overwhelming and you may feel like you are the only one experiencing your current situation. But take comfort in knowing that many of our members go through challenging situations similar to what you may be facing right now.  

That's why we have Group Coaching Calls every month, so you can learn from the challenges your fellow members may have, or nominate yourself to be selected for one of our Hot Seats to be coached by Joshua on the call.

VIDx Academy (Members Only) Facebook Group

What better place to be for you to connect with like minded business owners who are at similar stages on the VIDx Journey, in your own private Facebook group. 

Knowing that not only will you be supported by Joshua and our team, you will also have the added support of your peers inside the community. This level of support to help you through the highs (and the lows) is priceless.  

PLUS...You Also Get:

Implementation Weeks

We get our members are business owners, and that it is unlikely that video is going to be your only focus (as much as we'd love it to be!).  

So we have structured our program to include Implementation Weeks, to create that breathing space for you to go at your own pace. It is the perfect opportunity for you to focus on taking inspired action with video.

#AskJosh LIVE Q&A's

Questions may come up for you from time to time, that you need a specific response, to move forward from where you are feeling 'stuck'.  

So every fortnight during each of our Implementation weeks, we will have LIVE Q&A's happening inside of our Facebook Group, answering your questions submitted by you and our other members.

Ongoing Support

Knowing that you have your mentor AND a supportive community at your fingertips to ask questions and receive support is...priceless!  

Not only do you receive responses to your questions in realtime, but our community will champion you to level up; holding you accountable ensuring you maintain your forward momentum and reach your goals.

"Joshua is someone who I am constantly looking at to see how he is creating videos for himself and his clients; as well as seeing how he sets up his video marketing campaigns so I can maybe steal a move or two for my own video production and strategy. So if you are looking to do the same, then I'd definitely recommend Joshua and his programs." 

Jeff Wenberg LeadPages / Zipify Apps

 Guaranteed To Save You Time and Boost Your Video Marketing Results!



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  • You are only just starting out in your business 
  • You are a local bricks and mortar business owner 
  • You don't sell digital products or services online
  • You have never created a single video before 
  • You don't even have a YouTube channel
  • You tried creating videos, but haven't had success
  • You are introverted or lack camera confidence 
  • You are not so great with using technology  

WHATEVER YOUR SITUATION... will learn the strategies, tools and tactics that we use with our own clients, so you can get the EXPRESS TRACK to growing your business with video.


  • You are NOT convinced about the power of video, 
  • You are NOT willing to put in the work required to succeed,
  • You are NOT willing to be coachable and already Know-It-All,
  • You are NOT willing to share support to your fellow members,  
  • You are NOT willing to play the long game with video, 
  • You are ONLY focused on short term results to Get Rich Quick  

People Are Loving VIDx Academy!

"I've got my Youtube channel set up correctly (at last) and have also used the skills to make sure one of my clients' Youtube channels is set up correctly. I've actually started creating videos and publishing them on social media - something that I've been avoiding doing for years!  

Joining VIDx Academy has just helped me get out of my own way. But the best thing is having a place to ask for help or accountability when you need it."  

Karen Bleakley Smart Steps to Australia  

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